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Why People Don’t Seek Mental Health Treatment

Due to the rise in school shootings in the United States, there is an ongoing debate over ways to prevent them. The most widely looked at reasons for mass shootings is the mental health of the shooters. The majority of mass shooters have points in common with each their fellow shooters.

1. Growing up in a family with no fathers
2. Was prescribed psychotropic medication

3. They had stressful events taking place in their lives

For the first category the solution is obvious. We must reform the family law courts in a the way that there isn’t “winning” parents and “losing” parents. I address this issue in depth in my report that I sent by the U.N. titled, “Global Human Trafficking in The Family Law Courts” and is available on Amazon.

For the sake of this essay I’d like to concentrate upon the psychological aspect. It’s undisputed that our schools and our healthcare systems hand out psychotropic substances as candy! Students who aren’t paying attention to their classes are promptly being prescribed Ritalin. Teens with depression are often prescribed Prozac The adult situation isn’t much worse.

Let’s take a look at contemporary rappers such as “Lil Xan”, “Future” as well as the recently defunct 20-year old rapper “Lil Peep”, who passed away from an Xanax drug that contained Fentanyl. The rapper was spotted on Instagram regularly consuming handfuls of Xanax pills on a daily basis. The young fans that idolized him are likely to follow the same pattern.

As per The “business-insider” news site, the United States of America is the leading country in the world in the prescription of anti-depressant drugs. Based on one the reports the site, it was found at 12% Americans are taking some form of medication to treat mental illness.

There are both pros and cons to these figures. Consider South Korea for example, one of the most developed nations but it’s ranked as the third highest suicide rate. In Korean society, visiting doctors for depression is considered to be a stigma that demonstrates vulnerability, particularly on the one side of a male. This isn’t surprising given that 80percent of all suicides worldwide are blamed on men. Since mental illness is very often overlooked by the people of South Korea and among males generally due to the social pressure to be “stoic”, people are taking their lives every day.

On contrary, the United States, which is placed between 30 and 40 (depending on the research) in suicides. There is evidence suggesting that antidepressants are effective. Perhaps it is merely a matter of cultural? Jamaica is often on the lowest of the list in terms of suicide rates , despite being a country that is poor. Although it’s a very poor place people live in communities, they are tight-knit, and their society is positive. Perhaps this is since marijuana has been legalized in the US! We’ll never know!

However I do know this Anti-depressants as well as other drugs used to treat mental illnesses have a variety of side effects. “Suicidal Thoughts”, is frequently listed as one of the main side effects of Prozac. Imagine! A medication specifically designed for those who are suicidal, which could induce suicidal ideas! It is clear that using psychotropic drugs can alter the brain’s chemistry, exactly as alcohol and other intoxicant.

My opinion is that talking therapy, occupational therapy and community interactions are among the most effective treatments for depression. But, again there’s an issue with these kinds of treatments also.

When an American consults a counselor about suicidal thoughts, depression or any other mental health issue They are “logged” and “stereotyped”. People who visit the mental health clinic could be a target for the counselor in a custody dispute or those seeking to purchase a gun.

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